Unlocking Pharmacy Benefit Performance

Prescription drug programs are still the most utilized healthcare benefit. Utilization, new drug introductions and price inflation continue to drive costs skyward. To combat these cost increases, plan sponsors need a well-thought out and executed strategy. At Wilkinson Benefit Consultants (“WBC”), pharmacy benefit consulting is what we do. Nothing else! When having a true business partner on your side matters, call WBC.

Our team of pharmacy benefit experts have the requisite skills to guide you through the intricacies of PBM negotiations, procurement, contracting and implementation in order to create the most cost-effective and member-friendly prescription drug benefit programs. Additionally, our clinical pharmacy expertise can customize formularies, provide value assessments on PBM-suggested utilization management programs and help formulate value-based reimbursement strategies using reference-based pricing criteria.  When getting it right counts, count on Wilkinson to lead the way!


Welcome to Wilkinson Benefit Consultants (“WBC”). We want to be your partner in helping reduce the cost of providing pharmacy benefits to your plan members.

  1. Independent Consulting Services

    Our independent advisory services remain an objective resource for representing the best interest of our clients.

  2. Most Comprehensive Review in the Industry

    Experience, expertise and advanced analytics offer you the most comprehensive review in our industry, making plan evaluation, benefit design, vendor search, plan negotiations, contracting  and plan auditing an effective and cost-efficient process.


  3. Part of Your Team

    Wilkinson Benefit Consultants works for the exclusive benefit of our clients and their plan members.

  4. No Commissions from PBMs

    We do not maintain commission contracts with any PBM that we would be evaluating on behalf of our client. We believe this would represent an inherent conflict of interest.  Many firms embrace this business conduct, and too frequently, without disclosure to their clients.