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Expert Witness Services – Expert Testimony

Expert Witness ServicesSince 1991, we have provided consulting related to pharmacy benefits, pharmacy benefit management (“PBM”) contracting, competitive advantages, pricing and marketing services provided by PBMs. In addition, we have assisted in analyzing business strategy and new business development. Additional consulting engagements have involved situation/opportunity assessment, market and price modeling, business strategy and development, market positioning and new venture development. Clients include PBMs, disease carve-out companies, health plans, employers, business coalitions, Taft-Hartley welfare funds, benefits consultants, and venture capitalists.

Our experience qualifies us to assist in litigation discovery by providing expert testimony, document analysis, financial modeling and business operation best practices commentary.

Some Examples:

  • Pharmacy benefit manager: PBM feasibility studies for a health plan and for its affiliate organizations. CMS application, economic modeling and
    planning for a PBM and for a specialty pharmacy. Specialty pharmacy review and analysis of providing private-label specialty pharmacy
  • Employer & Taft Hartley Trust: evaluate & recommend changes in self-insured employers’ and Taft Hartley Welfare Trusts outpatient retail and
    mail order prescription drug benefit programs
  • Taft-Hartley welfare fund: evaluate PBM contract and pricing terms to support fiduciary obligation fulfillment by fund trustees
  • Business coalition: evaluate Pharmacy Benefit Manager contracts, including retail, mail order and specialty pharmacy, and provide feedback
    regarding strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve provision of pharmacy benefits to coalition’s self-insured payers