Expert Testimony

Expert Witness Services – Expert Testimony

Expert Witness ServicesSince 1991, we have provided consulting and auditing services related to pharmacy benefits, pharmacy benefit management (“PBM”) contracting, performance assessments, competitive advantages, clinical management, pricing and marketing services provided by PBMs.

Additional consulting engagements have involved situation/opportunity assessment, market and price modeling, business strategy and development, market positioning and new venture development. Clients have included PBMs, disease carve-out companies, health plans, employers, hospitals, business coalitions, Taft-Hartley welfare funds, benefits consultants, law firms, investment research companies and private equity firms.

Our experience and expertise qualify us to assist in litigation discovery by providing expert testimony, document analysis, financial modeling and business operation best practices commentary. We’ve written research reports, provided affidavits, and given testimony in support of our clients, either as the plaintiff or to assist in their defense. We are uniquely qualified to provide support related to PBM market conduct and business practices.

Areas of Expertise:

  • PBM services contracting
  • Contract negotiations
  • Pricing
  • Formulary development
  • Procurement process
  • Sales & marketing of PBM services
  • Specialty drug carve-outs
  • Biosimilars
  • Alternative Funding
  • Patient assistance programs
  • International sourcing
  • PBM auditing
  • Rebate analysis
  • Claims analytics