Pharmacy Benefit Communications

As plan sponsors consider adjustments and changes to benefit plan design, employee benefit communications becomes as important as changes to the benefit plans themselves. Usually, plan sponsors don’t need to spend more money on new benefits, they just need to do a better job in communicating what they offer. This is particularly true with pharmacy benefits.Communications

Changes to pharmacy benefits can create disruption and employee noise that can keep your call center or H.R. phone lines busy. A well-planned and effectively delivered communication campaign can minimize the negative impact.

To expand our ability to assist our clients in these efforts, WBC is a business partner of  a leading provider of on-demand, multimedia communication solutions. The platform creates dynamic multimedia presentations, delivered via the Internet and available on-demand, so key audiences are able to access critical content, where and when it is most convenient.

WBC can assist plan sponsors with comprehensive pharmacy benefit communications including:

  • Strategic communication planning
  • Compliance communications for SPDs
  • Healthcare translation and interpreter services
  • Communication audits
  • Online communications for content development and H.R. portal
  • Health surveys
  • Health culture audits