Overnight success? Think of how many current prescription drug-related unicorns and marketing successes are really re-hashed, previously hatched ideas and companies. The business plans are refined and expanded but built on regurgitated efforts.

Good Rx, NextRx, PillPack, Alto Pharmacy, and Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company are a few examples. Great companies yes, but nurtured from old stories and not as innovative as advertised. Sometimes it takes real moxie and a “failure is not an option” mentality, although, temporary failure is part of the learning experience. As my buddy, Tom Edison said “I have not failed, I’ve successfully discovered 10,000 ways that will not work.”

The moral of this story is that it is not the idea, but the execution! The right team, with the right leadership, and the right financing converts a water-treading enterprise into a Michael Phelps-like phenom! Kudos to all of the fantastic entrepreneurs behind these organizations and others that don’t give up and keep striving for greatness! #leadership #teambuilding