PharmaSeer, the Wisdom in Pharmacy

pharma seer wizardPharmaSeer LLC is a pharmacy informatics company  developed by Roy Wilkinson, the founder of WBC. It’s mission is to provide new insight to patient-members and other pharmacy benefit constituents for improving patient outcomes, supporting enhanced well-being, managing health care utilization and providing effective chronic disease state management. Harnessing the power of proprietary predictive modeling techniques that are expanded by combining pharmacy claims data, lifestyle data elements, behavioral economics and health social networking, our advanced analytics are used to link people with similar problems together into communities that can be rapidly established and perpetuated by encouraging leadership and participation.  The community is able to link and share in the research of any member that wants to post their diagnostic/disease history. The very fabric of the site automates links to other people for the creation of temporary or permanent sub-communities that can grow, evolve, and even mutate.

Additionally, our analytics can assist pharmaceutical manufacturers, health plans, prescription benefit managers and corporate health care payors better serve their patient-members through our patient-centric approach that will improve patient outcomes and quality of life, while better utilizing health care resources. Some of our applications include:

  • Enhanced search for richer, more relevant medical information
  • Patient-member community building and support
  • Customized patient surveys for post-clinical trial follow-up
  • Clinical trial recruitment
  • Clinical trial simulations
  • Disease management and wellness campaigns
  • Health care budgets and forecasts
  • Health plan member retention
  • Comparative effectiveness
  • Physician practice management

Our team is made up of pharmaceutical researchers, statisticians, physicians and predictive modeling scientists, all of whom are committed to making PharmaSeer a premier pharmaceutical research resource.