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One of the key provisions of the CAA is the requirement for PBMs to provide more transparency regarding their pricing, compensation and rebate practices. Under the new law, PBMs will be required to disclose information about the amount and type of rebates they receive from drug manufacturers and how they are used. This information will […]

Overnight success? Think of how many current prescription drug-related unicorns and marketing successes are really re-hashed, previously hatched ideas and companies. The business plans are refined and expanded but built on regurgitated efforts. Good Rx, NextRx, PillPack, Alto Pharmacy, and Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company are a few examples. Great companies yes, but nurtured […]

We have certainly heard a lot about Medicare For All, the principal healthcare theme being “debated” during the current political primary season. A number of candidates have followed Bernie Sander’s call for Medicare For All.  He loves to shout that the United States is the only developed country in the industrial world that doesn’t provide […]