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“Officials announced today that passing the Senate’s version of healthcare reform will end heart disease, cure cancer and increase every family of four’s net worth by $1 million dollars over the next ten years.”  And so it seems as one unbelievable claim after another is trumpeted as justification to launch this monstrous piece of legislation onto the American […]

Plan sponsors are requiring more from their PBMs…. more service, more transparency, more cost reduction. What are the industry trends that will influence the PBM industry’s ability and willingness to deliver?  WBC, along with our subsidiary PharmaSeer, gazes into our crystal ball to predict what you can expect…. Top 10 Trends for 2010/2011 and Beyond: 1. Value-Based Plan Design. […]

Diabetes as a consequence of American lifestyles continues to rage in epidemic proportions. According to statistics from the American Diabetes Association (, 23.8 million people have diabetes (10.7% of the population over Age 20 and an additional 57 million people who are in a pre-diabetes stage). If current trends continue, 1 out of 3 children born […]