Like most of the Obama legislative agenda, Healthcare Reform is being pushed through Congress at warp-speed. The House was determined to get a bill through their three oversight committees prior to the August recess. imageThe Senate has said that a vote wouldn’t happen until the Fall, but is that any consolation? A piece of legislation so massive and impactful should deserve adequate debate and an opportunity for both Congress and the public to at least read the bill!

Of course, time is an enemy of the Washington movement, at least as it relates to the current administration. As more people get exposed to the changes that would occur in the healthcare system as a result of the proposed reform, the less they like it. So getting a bill to the President to sign comes with a relatively short “freshness date.” Poll numbers drop and Congress will be handed an earful when they get home to their districts.

Interestingly, the bills currently in play don’t have the vast majority of their corrective measures take effect until 2013! The M.O. of the administration is to trumpet a crisis that needs an immediate response, rush a $trillion+ initiative  into law, and then sit on any potential benefit for years before it takes effect (