I’ve been fortunate to have encountered and worked with many successful people in a multitude of fields during my career, including PBM consulting (www.wbcbaltimore.com). While their endeavers and personal goals were different,image they all seemed to share common attributes, characteristics that I’m convinced were instrumental in their achievement.

Here’s what they are:

1. Dreams. All of these folks are dreamers. Big dreams! They aren’t afraid to think of what is possible and figure out how to make their dreams come true.

2. Enthusiasm. They all have passion for what they do. It’s not work if you love it! Others won’t get excited about your idea/concept if you can’t.

3. Goals. Concrete, defined and attainable milestones. I’ve heard them called “dreams with deadlines.”

4. Decision-Making Ability. These people can pull the trigger. They may not always be right, but they don’t sit on the sidelines, frozen by indecision and afraid to make a mistake.

5. Action-Oriented. Sometimes it’s hard to keep them contained. They believe if they are not moving forward, they are taking a step back! Their mantra can be “ready,shoot, aim.”

6. Definiteness of Purpose. These are folks with a mission. They are inspired so they can inspire others to get on board.

7. Persistence. Think Thomas Edison. Failure is only a temporary setback and helps you define what doesn’t work. Too many potential successes have been missed by bailing out 5 yards short of a touchdown!

8. Faith. They share a vision that something good will happen, a trait that leads them to be optimistic in almost any situation. It can be manifested through a religious conviction, a belief in something greater than themselves or a sense that right will prevail.

9. Integrity. They know right from wrong and elect to live their lives accordingly. They conduct themselves with a moral compass that requires honesty.