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Pharma likes to sell drugs. It’s their business.  At WBC (, we find it interesting to compare what has been the industry’s best sellers in the past, and where the future home runs will reside. According to sales results reported by the manufacturers, here are the biggest winners ranked by lifetime sales since 1996:   […]

What can a purchaser of prescription drug benefits expect to see during 2014? Here are WBC’s ( top trends that will impact your drug plan management for 2014 and 2015: 1. Specialty Drug Management. Specialty has far outpaced even the more aggressive predictions of their exploding cost trends of just a few years ago. Trending […]

Don’t you love when an old product is repackaged, re-pitched and touted as “new and improved.” At WBC (wbcbaltimore), we particularly get a chuckle when it applies to healthcare. Nothing in healthcare is really new. Just dust off an old concept, slap a updated name on it and get a writer to publish an article […]