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We at WBC ( knew that Express Scripts (“ESI”) was hunting, but didn’t expect them to bag an elephant!  Express Scripts Buys Medco is quite the story!  The bigger question for Rx plan sponsors trying to reduce the cost of prescription drugs is “How will this effect my plan?”  The new combined entity will be […]

When Walgreens announced that it would not be a part of the Express Scripts (“ESI”) network in 2012, waves of uncertainty reverberated throughout the PBM world.  Would this development help or hurt plan sponsors’ efforts to reduce pharmacy benefit costs?  Would a restricted pharmacy network drive ESI clients away? Will Walgreens take a similar tact […]

This is the time of year that plan sponsors are reviewing PBM consulting services to help negotiate  new PBM contracts. At WBC ( we see all sorts of consulting requests to help reduce the cost of prescription drugs. One that hasn’t been utilized as much as it should is invoice validation of a plan’s monthly […]