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The PBM contract remains the key element in reducing pharmacy benefit costs. At WBC ( we know that creating a favorable “client-focused” contract takes some work.  When challenged over language that sounds open-ended or uncertain, many PBMs rely on what I’ve come to call “The 4 most dangerous words in the PBM lexicon.” Those four […]

The most important document for reducing the cost of prescription drugs in the pharmacy benefit is the PBM contract.  At WBC (  we know that this document or agreement for PBM services ultimately determines what the plan sponsors’ drug spend will be, and is driven by the key terms, definitions and provisions in the contract. […]

Specialty drug costs will continue to grow and  dominate a plan sponsors’ drug spend if left unchecked (expected to grow from approx. 20-25% today to 45% of drug spend by 2030).  Surprisingly, as many as 50% of all Rx plan sponsors have not yet acted to implement a coordinated Specialty Drug Strategy(“SDS”).  At WBC ( we’ve created a […]