Reducing prescription drug costs continues to be a principal objective and elusive goal of most prescription drug benefit plan sponsors and payers. Elusive because it’s almost impossible to know what drugs actually cost. As the old adage goes, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”  All that most plan sponsors see when it comes to […]

As pharmacy benefit costs continue to escalate, more plan sponsors need to continually review and evaluate the performance of their pharmacy benefit manager (“PBM”).  One way to reduce pharmacy benefit drug costs is to know the right questions to ask when performing that review.  Here are WBC’s Top 5 questions to ask your PBM for […]

Happy Birthday Medicare and Medicaid.  It’s been 50 years since President Lyndon Johnson signed the bills into law, and my, how they have grown! Currently, 35% of all U.S. residents receive their healthcare through these programs and $4 out of  every $10 spent on healthcare dollars channel through  Uncle Sam. (These numbers will continue to […]