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IMS Health data for 2009 creates an interesting picture of global drug sales and growth in specific therapeutic classes. WBC (wbcbaltimore.com) has taken a look and found that the global picture is clearly different when compared to  U.S. pharmacy benefit plan sponsor drug spend.  In the U.S., antipsychotics were the leading therapeutic class with $14.6 billion in sales. […]

To quote the great Peter Finch’s character Howard Beale in Network  “….My life has value….I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.”   I guess this may apply to anticipated potential unrest when pharmacy benefit plan sponsors go to renew their CVS/Caremark contracts and find out that Walgreens has decided to drop […]

As most pharmacy benefit plan sponsors know, the new change in AWP became effective on September 26, 2009. On that date and in response to the associated court settlement, First DataBank and Medi-Span adjusted the AWP mark-up over the wholesale acquisition cost (“WAC”) to no more than 20%. This represents an approximate 4% reduction in AWP for 1,440 NDCs included […]