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Reviewing pharmacy benefit management (“PBM”) contracts has become just as much art as science. Sure, you can create a checklist of contractual definitions and provisions, and you can negotiate the financial and legal issues, but sometimes it boils down to how much does the vendor really want your business? That’s where the “art” comes into play. The […]

Controlling healthcare costs has never seemed so far away, yet so near at hand. Politicians tell us we need to insure more people, invest in technology and launch new prevention services in order to reel in costs, despite any empirical evidence that it’s true.  In fact, several studies have shown the opposite effect, where these techniques […]

Healthcare reform debates in Washington are fascinating spectator sports. In order to advance one’s agenda, the best strategy seems to be to find someone to demonize. It goes something like this: create a crisis fervor, point the finger of blame at some straw dog, and try and steer public opinion for doing something! No group has […]