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Ask most pharmacy benefit plan sponsors to name 5 PBMs and most come up shy at around three. Not surprisingly, this market dominance has earned the exalted stratification of becoming known as “The Big Three.”¬†Repositioning the aforementioned question to “Name the Big Three” and most plan sponsors fill in the blanks,not with Bird, Parish and […]

A somewhat surprising report was released by Thomson Reuters regarding the wasteful spending practices within the American healthcare system. Not that system inefficiencies, unnecessary testing and good old-fashioned fraud should come as any surprise to those who follow this stuff, but it was the degree that caught my eye. Their conclusion is that big dollars […]

Now, more than ever, plan sponsors should look to evaluate their pharmacy benefit manager’s performance. Plan sponsors go through the time and expense to try and maintain a competitive vendor contract. Here’s the drill: decide that you want to solicit new bids from vendors who want to compete for your pharmacy benefit management business; go […]