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As the debate continues regarding healthcare reform, much of the discussion centers on expanding access, improving quality, creating affordable insurance and controlling cost, all of which are desirable goals. Costs seems to be the dominant point of contention.  Both sides of the aisle have different opinions of how their proposed reforms will impact costs. In order to […]

Like most of the Obama legislative agenda, Healthcare Reform is being pushed through Congress at warp-speed. The House was determined to get a bill through their three oversight committees prior to the August recess. The Senate has said that a vote wouldn’t happen until the Fall, but is that any consolation? A piece of legislation so […]

Lot’s of talk this week about biosimilar legislation as a means of reducing the cost of prescription drugs.  It’s actually been an ongoing topic for many years in biotech circles and PBM consulting (  The current expense of biologic drug therapies and the expected growth into chronic disease states for conditions with much higher prevalence makes it major […]