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I’ve been fortunate to have encountered and worked with many successful people in a multitude of fields during my career, including PBM consulting ( While their endeavers and personal goals were different, they all seemed to share common attributes, characteristics that I’m convinced were instrumental in their achievement. Here’s what they are: 1. Dreams. All of these […]

A consistent component in the vast majority of Washington-centered reform proposals has been the inclusion of a so-called public plan option. The concept is that the public would be offered the opportunity to enroll in a new, public health plan, if so moved. The health insurance industry is not too keen on this idea. They recognize that trying to compete […]

Yesterday I was listening to one of my favorite, local radio talk show host take calls on healthcare reform. A caller tried to make the case that it was “government’s responsibility” to provide health insurance for all. The host asked “Where in the Constitution does this unalienable right appear?” That got me thinking……. Thinking of one […]