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Six independent pharmacies in Texas have decided to sue CVS Caremark under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (“RICO”) Act, charging that the company’s Caremark pharmacy benefits management (“PBM”) division engaged in racketeering and violated HIPAA by gaining control over patient data and eliminating competition out of the retail pharmacy market. Pretty heavy stuff when the RICO card gets played! […]

Here we are approaching the one-year anniversary (September 26, 2010) of the effective date of the McKesson AWP settlement, and unfortunately, little has changed.  At WBC ( we have followed this case from the get-go, through negotiation and settlement. We have helped our clients with their direct participation in the class action settlement, as well as active involvement […]

IMS Health data for 2009 creates an interesting picture of global drug sales and growth in specific therapeutic classes. WBC ( has taken a look and found that the global picture is clearly different when compared to  U.S. pharmacy benefit plan sponsor drug spend.  In the U.S., antipsychotics were the leading therapeutic class with $14.6 billion in sales. […]