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As if these dire warnings should come as any surprise, insurers who are providing health insurance coverage in the public exchanges are sounding the alarm! WARNING: LOSSES UNDER OBAMACARE ARE UNSUSTAINABLE! Really? How could there be any other outcome? A completely overblown healthcare “crisis” was addressed through mandated coverage that had to be over-priced in […]

As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on events that have occurred throughout the year that continue to impact our healthcare system in America.  Nothing can compare to the consequences on medical and prescription drug costs as does the Affordable Care Act. Healthcare reform has never been in greater need of help! […]

Make it 2-0  in favor of the Affordable Care Act.  The Supreme Court (“SCOTUS”) on Thursday announced their decision to allow subsidies to be paid to participants who qualify, regardless of what type of exchange sold them their health insurance coverage. Regarding the matter in King v. Burwell, the court ruled 6-3 with Justices Roberts […]