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To quote the great Peter Finch’s character Howard Beale in Network  “….My life has value….I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.”   I guess this may apply to anticipated potential unrest when pharmacy benefit plan sponsors go to renew their CVS/Caremark contracts and find out that Walgreens has decided to drop […]

PBM pricing is still a mystery to most plan sponsors of pharmacy benefits. At WBC (, we’re continually seeing spreadsheet comparisons of one PBM’s versus another.  Is that AWP-58% or AWP-62%?  Which one is better?  Which one represents lower cost of the plan sponsor? On the surface, a reasonable person might surmise that -62% is a […]

“Officials announced today that passing the Senate’s version of healthcare reform will end heart disease, cure cancer and increase every family of four’s net worth by $1 million dollars over the next ten years.”  And so it seems as one unbelievable claim after another is trumpeted as justification to launch this monstrous piece of legislation onto the American […]